Why Mauritius?

If the spectactular subtropical island is not enough reason for you to be convinced and consider moving to Mauritius, then maybe some of the following more fundamental reasons may provide some convincing:

  1. Approved by EU and whitelisted by OECD Does not feature into any Black Register.
  2. 46 Double Taxation Agreements and counting (Majority with African countries). Notably also with the United Arab Emirates in the middle easth as well as numerous firs world countries.
  3. Tax Incentives/Fiscal benefits (Low Tax rates of 0 %, 3% or 15%)
  4. Skilled and bilingual (English French) pool of qualified lawyers, accountants, and chartered secretaries and other professionals
  5. Ease of Doing Business
    1. No 13 Worldwide out of 190 countries
    2. No 1 in Africa
  6. Good Governance Ranked no 1 in Sub Sharahan Africa
  7. Fully Confidential except for CRS and FATCA reporting
  8. No withholding tax on dividends, interest, and royalties paid outside of Mauritius
  9. No Capital Gains Tax
  10. Strategic location GMT+ 4
  11. No estate duty, inheritance, or wealth tax
  12. Political Stability
  13. No foreign exchange control
  14. Possibility to open up bank accounts and presence of International Bankers
  15. Total value of investment through Mauritius into Africa stood at MUR 13 Trillion (USD 36 4 Billion) as of June 2018
  16. Member of SADC, IOR ARC and COMESA