What We Do

Nomad.cloud guides high-net-worth individuals and businesses on their journeys towards their international goal.

Our team is well-connected and well-versed when it comes to navigating the complex international landscape of offshore structuring, residency visas and citizenship, company formation, digital nomad visas and building a brand internationally.

Depending on what your end goal is, be it a second citizenship or an offshore tax strategy, we design the most effective path there, and guide you all the way.

Some of the countries within our network are shown below:

Who We Are

Nomad.cloud provides services either directly or through affiliated region-specialist agencies across an extensive list countries in order to tailor the best possible strategy to achieve our clients objectives. 

Nomad.cloud is headed up by South African chartered accountant and entrepreneur Franco Cronjé. Franco has wide knowledge of offshore jurisdictions providing clients effective and tax efficient structures to grow their international business and build their offshore wealth. To read more about Franco CLICK HERE.