Live and Work in Mauritius – Occupational Permit

The Occupation Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius under the following categories and is valid for 10 years

Any person wanting to apply for the 20-year Occupational permit should first follow this process and obtain a permit in one of the following categories whereafter, if they adhered to the additional requirements, they may apply for the 20-year permit


An investor is classified as a shareholder and director in a company incorporated in Mauritius. An investor should make an initial transfer of USD 50 000 or its equivalent into the bank account of the company under which the application will be made.

Sub-classifications relating to Investors in high technology machines and equipment as well as investors for innovative start-ups are also defined along with their qualification criteria.


A professional should earn a monthly basic salary of MUR 60 000. Professionals in the following sectors require a minimum basic salary of MUR 30 000:

  • ICT Sector
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Food processing


A self-employed person should operate as a one-person business working exclusively for his / her account. Such a person should make an initial transfer of USD 35 000 or its equivalent into his / her local bank account in Mauritius.

For the renewal of such a license, the business activity should generate a business income of MUR 800 000 per annum from the third year of registration.

Retired Non-citizen

A retired non-citizen is defined as a person which is 50 years or older. The following criteria are applicable to be classified as a non-citizen permit holder:

– An initial transfer of at least USD 1 500 or its equivalent into his / her local bank account;

– Transfer at least USD 1 500 every month or on aggregate USD 18 000 per annum or its equivalent during the 10-year validity period of this permit into his / her local bank account; and

– At each year-end, the person should submit evidence of transfer of such funds into his / her local bank account.

Purchase of Property

A non-citizen is eligible for a residence permit upon the purchase of a villa under the Property Development (PDS) scheme when the person has invested more than USD 375 000 or its equivalent. Non-citizens who have a residence permit under PDS will be exempted from an Occupation or Work permit to invest and work in Mauritius.

Dependents of a person holding an Occupational or Retirement permit holder

The following dependents of a permit holder are also eligible to join the permit holder in Mauritius:

  • The Spouse (including Common Law Partner of the opposite sex);
  • Children, including step-children or lawfully adopted children, may also apply for residence permits.
  • Parents of the permit holder will also be allowed to live in Mauritius (in other words grandpa and grandma).

It is also worth noting that no permit is required for the spouse of an Occupational Permit holder to be able to invest or work in Mauritius.