Case Study: Psychai Talent Group sets up in Dubai with


  • Business Type: Management and Human Resource Consultancy
  • Business industry: Human Resources, Software development
  • Employee size: 15
  • Managing Director: Prof. Ederick Stander
  • Regions: Africa and Middle East
  • Website: 

Business case

Psychai is a multi-dimensional management consulting firm specializing in human resources and personal development. Psychai consults internationally on various aspects of management and human resource improvement and has developed the market-leading Fully Integrated Talent Tool (fitt), currently utilized by many large multinational organizations across the world.

The expansion of Psychai’s global business profile required international expansion support and systems to support the business.


  1. The company’s rapid expansion required systems and processes to support the ever-growing business.
  2. International expansion required the identification and setting up of offshore structures in multiple jurisdictions requiring the implementation of tax efficient business structures.


  1. Identifying suitable international regional location for expansion.
  2. Setting up of foreign company and regional offices.
  3. Implementing cross border shareholding structures to ensure financial stability and tax efficiency.
  4. Opening of bank and transactional accounts in foreign jurisdictions.
  5. Implementation of financial systems to support the business.

Q & A with Business

How did assist you in setting up your international structure? provided us with a holistic view to international expansion. They took lead in designing and implementing our offshore expansion and ownership structure, allowing our operations to progress seamlessly in a foreign jurisdiction.

“ provided a holistic view of international expansion.”

What are the benefits of expanding internationally?

Diversified geopolitical and currency risk profile including access to foreign stable currencies allowing for financial stability and sustainable international wealth accumulation for future generations.

“Diversifying your country risk profile and access to stable foreign currencies.”

Which financial systems did you implement in your business and what impact did they have? assisted us in implementing numerous systems including Office 365, Xero and Hubdoc allowing our business to become fully digital. These systems allow for scalability as well as support our ever-changing needs as a fast-paced growing international service provider.

What are the benefits of the implemented systems?

Information is readily available at any time anywhere. The systems are also scalable and allow for multiple integrations from third parties which are paramount for future expansion.

“Having control and up to date information at your fingertips all the time from any device anywhere.” partner comments

Engaging with the management team of Psychai was an absolute pleasure. We were able to identify their needs and effectively implement strategies to support their international expansion. Our ongoing financial maintenance and structural support allow Psychai to focus on growing its business without worrying about financial administration.