Soon To Be Largest In The World ‒ Al Maktoum International Airport Dubai

Dubai is known for its lavish property development projects and outrageous landmarks all conceived in a mere 30 years or so. Dubai is “new” compared to other world leading cities and continuous to expand and growing.

The latest masterpiece promises to be the Al Maktoum International Airport and its surroundings. In addition to the well-established Dubai International Airport Al Maktoum was opened in June 2010 primarily as a cargo hub serving the logistics and transportation sector. In recent years it has formulated much more lofty goals of being the world’s biggest international airport. Yes, you heard correctly, the world’s biggest as if Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport is not enough. To be fully launched in 2027 one can only expect that this region is a flurry of activity.

Al Maktoum is situated southwest of Dubai, conveniently in route to Abu Dhabi. It is situated within the Dubai World Central Free Zone (DWC) which allows for direct foreign investment into Free Zone companies.

Al Maktoum is situated roughly 30 km from Dubai Marina, dubbed the “New Dubai” which includes JBR, Blue Water by Meraas as well as Jumeirah Lakes Tower where the world renowned DMCC Free Zone is situated. It is also right next to Jebal Ali Free Zone which is the biggest ports authority in the region, which includes areas of large industrial land, truly making it a transportation and logistical hub.

Recent indications are that Emirates Airlines, the flagship carrier for Dubai, will move to Al Maktoum within the next two decades, resulting in one of the world’s biggest airlines calling the world’s biggest airport its home.

These developments are sure to have a huge positive effect on surrounding properties and their values. The question that comes to mind is whether one really can afford to miss out on possible investment opportunities in this region. What makes this proposition even better is that a AED1 million investment in Dubai property will give you and your family residency.

If diversifying your international property portfolio and not missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity is something that is on your mind, get in contact now.