Investors or business owners can either obtain a residency visa through the purchase of a property or by way of self-sponsorship through the registration of a company.

The main categories of visas for investors or business owners are:

  • Mainland Visa with a validity period of 3 years
  • Free Zone Visa with a validity period of 2 years
  • Green Visa with a validity of 5 years
  • Golden Visa with a validity period of 10 years

Additional categories of visas have been made available by the Dubai Government which do not require property investment or self-sponsorship. These include:

  • Job Exploration Visa
  • Five-year Multiple-entry Visa
  • Entry permit to visit relatives and friends
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Study or Training Visa

The Five-year Multiple-entry Visa is especially a good fit for an individual who does not want to invest formally in Dubai but would be traveling to or exploring the region. This allows for seamless entry into Dubai for up to 90 days each time over 5 years.

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