brand = belief

and belief needs a good story.

Your brand is what people believe about your product or service. It is an identity that exists in the mind and is constructed there through firstly defining exactly what you want that belief to be. Then strategically aligning every brand point of contact the audience makes with the brand with that positioning. It’s psychology and permeates every aspect of the business, firstly towards those inside the business and then to the target audience.

Weaving depth by means of emotive story telling into every brand experience is the most powerful way to move people to notice and engage with the product or service. Story telling and value exchange has been at the core of humanity throughout history and is more crucial now than ever before. At a time in history where anyone with a device and internet connection can build their own website and run their own adverts to reach anyone else on the globe means it easier than ever before to set up a professional identity and reach huge numbers of people with your message almost instantly. But ironically, at the same time it has never been harder to get anyone to care about your business.

Two fundamentals are required to build a brand and they are:

  1. brand story telling to convey a ‘why’ that resonates with the audience.
  2. a company culture that cares to deliver real value via the product or service, and does, meaning it’s just as you made people believe it will be.

Then you won’t just have mere customers, but loyalists who in turn convince others, and word of mouth remains the undefeated champion in the ring. All social platforms and marketing channels serve supporters cheering it on – motivating, reminding, accelerating and empowering it. 

A brand informs company culture, user experience, client service, product development, design, marketing. A brand is bigger than any one person so it inspires those working for it to do so for something beyond themselves. Each person who contributes to making it real, adds to a powerful collective legacy they remain part of.

Don’t just build a business, build a brand that creates business. Get in touch with us to see how we can work with you to build your brand.