As a business leader, second only to your mindset, people are your greatest asset. The way people are led and treated forms the company culture, and this is what makes or breaks a business.

compliance, code & counsel

From advisory to management of your HR, IR, code of conduct, employee contracts, hearings, CCMA, labour court, bargaining council, employment equity, health & safety compliance and payroll… enter CloudCounsel, our labour relations navigation partner. 

online labour compliance services

recruitment solution

Attracting and hiring the right people is no easy task. We offers a complete recruitment solution which through our databases, networks and supplementary marketing channels are able to attract candidates for jobs in any industry and at any level. Our integrated ranking process is run on advanced AI-driven software with final validation done by leading industrial psychologists.

assessment & development

From developing people in key senior positions to guiding HR functions across, our integrated talent development solutions draw on some of South Africa’s leading specialists as well as utilise world-leading talent assessment software such as FITT to ensure you have the right people in the right place.

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