navigator runs alongside your business enabling it to adapt and thrive as you navigate the ever-changing South African business landscape and beyond.

 navigator is for businesses with an annual turnover of approx. R50m or more and…

…have been historically successful but have plateaued or are in decline.

…need to adapt due to threats posed by technological advancements.

…are starting up and want to build a brand with global potential from the onset.

Using a highly effective 6 phase project approach, the navigator team, headed up by Franco Cronjé [about], work within the 4 spheres of your business, shown below, to carry forward current value while strategically adapting other aspects.

1. mapping

Through a series of sessions over a full day with you and your leadership team, the navigator team methodically unpacks and plots;

  1. where the business has come from
  2. where it currently is
  3. where you want it to go and why

2. discovery

The team then gets to work over a 2 to 3 week period to conduct;

  1. a human capital assessment
  2. a brand audit (brand equity, marketing, product, sales & service)
  3. a structural analysis (legal & financial)
  4. a system & process analysis

Following which, the reports are discussed with you and proposed objectives will be presented to you. This is discussed and worked through with you until everyone has clarity in knowing and supporting what needs be done.

At this stage you are entitled to take the findings and implement as deemed necessary yourself, or continue into the next phase with the navigate team.

3. charting

With the current status VS intended destination clear, this phase is where the navigator team develops the strategy to achieve the objectives identified.

Following working through the strategy proposal with you, it is then clarified how and when the objectives will be reached – planning the route.

Your full buy-in and support of the strategy and roll-out plan is imperative as the journey ahead will require a high level of collaboration and trust.

4. expedition

And, here we go… the navigator team in collaboration with your key people set out and start methodically & considerately implementing the strategy.

Based on what needs to happen, this implementation phase may include everything from system migration, optimising processes, coaching and training, company culture creation, finance and legal structuring, brand building, recruiting, product re-development, marketing strategy revision, and service innovations.’s navigation partners are involved as planned to support the roll-out operationally.

5. tracking

This is a formal performance review milestone as the projects nears completion.

This is not checking if we’re on track, those checks take place often at intervals during the expedition phase. Tracking assesses whether or not objectives have been reached for the overall project, and what the impact has been on the business thus far.

How things proceed from here is up to you;

  1. tidy up and conclude – a major improvement overall. A few remaining tasks need rounding off to conclude the project and a final handover session is to be scheduled.
  2. good to go – everything is in place, objectives met. You don’t see need to enter a second round and therefor no continuation to a remapping phase is needed.
  3. enter a remapping phase – it’s worked out well and new discoveries and opportunities have come to light in the process. It is financially viable, due to revenue improvement as a result of the work done, to continue with a second project to advance the business even further. 

6. remapping

With the momentum gained as well as new possibilities brought to light as a result of the first project, a further assessment of where the business now needs to go can be carried out – it’s your call.

This is often the start of a more agile project which further advances the business without as much heavy lifting and with shorter turnaround times than the first project.


  • Phase 1. mapping sessions    •    Quote will be provided for the full day incl. up to 4 sessions with the navigator team through the day, hospitality, lunch and dinner for up to 5 members of your leadership team. Transport not included.
  • Phase 2. discovery   •  The exact price for this will be established following the mapping session as it is based on business size and complexity. 
  • A ball-park total cost for phases 3 to 5 is provided following phase 2 to allow you as the client to consider committing to the remainder of the project, or you’ve got what you came for: an external assessment of your business across the 4 spheres – people, brand, systems and structures. 

total cost

Cost estimates for phase 4 are divided into two categories:

  1. The first is navigator team fees for billable work related services. 
  2. The second is an estimate of the third-party costs i.e. new equipment, systems, advertising, legal registrations etc. 

It all starts right here.

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navigation partners & units navigation partners and business units plug into the navigator solution but can also deliver focussed stand-alone services 

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